Are you planning a special holiday with your spouse, partner or family? Are you a single traveller seeking a vacation from civilisation? Far from being accessible for groups and companies only, Themed Rainbow Trips are sold and booked, for participants from one or different origins, independently or in a group, by our Rainbow Agents.
The agents then might even create and sell their own exclusive Themed Trips and Rainbow Events, matching the needs and preferences of their home-countries. As incentives or company trips, Themed Trips can be tailored to suit the individual group-themes; as family events they provide all the ingredients for an unforgettable island stay, during which one visits special places, meets interesting people and gets to enjoy some real island life.
The wide scope of our Themed- and Group-Trips is based upon the Rainbow Elements and reflects Land, Ocean, Culture and Synergy. When booking their Rainbow trip, travellers are invited to choose from 2 types of accommodation, one being a Rainbow Hotel and the other a small and more out-of-the-ordinary type of lodging. They are usually situated near or next to each other, in order to avoid long hauls and exhausting transfers.
Themed Trips can be offered as combined events to include for instance some nights in a comfortable hotel and some in an adventurous lodge, hut or tent.
Rainbow Activities included in a Themed Trip might typically be meditation, personalised yoga sessions, river-bathing, meditation, full moon dancing, flower elixir consultations, nature walks, bike-tours, visit to a farm, an orchard or a distillery for essential oils and much more.

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