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Meet the real people: Our friends are individuals whom we personally know and who provide services to our clients which match the sustainable concept of the Rainbow.
This can be hand-made souvenirs, paintings, any kind of arts and crafts, traditional music and dance as well as taking our guests out to visit special places, or discover a particular trade.
Rainbow friends include for instance the local painter who is famous for her floral designs, the beekeeper whose honey drops cure sore throats in no time, the restaurant owners who cook after their grandma’s recipes, the maker of flower elixirs with endemic flowers to cure emotional stress, or the man who distils tropical herbs and flowers, turning them into rare fragrant oils.
Rainbow friends are also the painter who lends you his paint brush to express yourself, the dancer who introduces you to the mysteries of the Kathak or Sega, and the singer who tells you all about how he learned to sing and compose his own songs while herding the cows of the village.
Our Rainbow Friends are original people, leading an authentic lifestyle, each happy to share with visitors, but not living off tourism exclusively. They hence enable you to see and experience the culture and many facets of the islands and learn much about local lifestyle. Encounters with our friends always take care on a personal level and create unique and personal memories for those who are in for a one-on-one experience.

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