Rodrigues Island

The islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues are similar and yet so different. Situated virtually on the same line of latitude and only some 560 km apart, they both share the same climate. The main difference is their size. Being only 18 km long and 8 km wide, Rodrigues is but a tiny spot. As you will notice when travelling there, the majority of its population is Creole. And due to the fact that their island is geographically far off the beaten track, it remains commercially undeveloped.
The island possesses a huge variety of beaches and is surrounded by small islets. Adventure seekers may find plenty of caves to discover. The main local activities are fishing, stock farming and agriculture. When visiting the island, the general impression is that of mountainous terrain offering panoramic views of the plantations. Tourists are warmly welcomed and the population is gentle and friendly. The harmonious and simple lifestyle remains the main charm of the island. Rodrigues is a nature reserve, harbouring various species of endemic fauna and flora. Nature lovers will find peace and tranquillity. The island has much to offer to its visitors. One of the attractions is the Caverne Patate. Located at Petite Butte, this natural tunnel is about 1 km long and the home of an endemic bat species. Stalactites and stalagmites adorn its floor and ceilings.
On an island virtually surrounded by coral reefs with the exception of only a few narrow passages, diving is a must.
Since Rodrigues is the oldest island in the Indian Ocean , its reef has developed over a long time to cover an area of 200 square kilometres today. Diving on the island is divided into two categories: within the confines of the coral reef inside the lagoons, and beyond the reef in the deep sea. Typical dive sites within the lagoon are deep ravines gouged out of the ocean floor by eons of tidal action. Within these ravines currents are invariably strong, and visibility seldom exceeds 15m, making the sites unsuitable for beginners. The ravines are important fish-feeding grounds, thus divers may be rewarded with spectacular sightings of rare tropical fish.

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