Why The Rainbow

Those who have visited the islands in the Indian Ocean know that they are oftentimes adorned by colourful rainbows. Being called Rainbow-Nations also due to their population of many origins and colours certainly added to our choice of name.
However, to us the Rainbow represents much more than just some pretty colours. The Rainbow to us is a veritable message in the sky, the symbol of all we stand for.
When working in tourism, one has a choice really of how to attract visitors. Some companies are hugely successful in selling nature attractions to the masses. And, by hauling the masses into nature, ultimately contribute to its destruction. This is especially crass on islands, where there is a very limited amount of land and its fragile beauty depending on an eco-system that has taken hundreds of thousands of years to evolve – producing unique endemic species dwelling in a delicate balance that can be gone in the blink of an eye.
Coming from the opposite side of the picture, we created sustainable tourism as a means to preserve island nature, culture and local traditions alike. By integrating the population of the island, their arts and crafts, songs and dance as vital elements, we aim to keep them alive and share them with our visitors.
We have chosen the rainbow as it represents the scale of “all we can perceive” as well as the system of Chakras or energy centres. Our Rainbow is the multi-coloured ribbon which links us with the rest of the world and invites a sharing rather than a consuming of nature treasures; hence preserving them not only for us, but also for future generations. Come join us and be a part of the experience!

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