The element Earth may take up just a small space in the Indian Ocean, but it is packed with exciting, exotic and enticing attractions for you to discover and be amazed by.


The element Water is omnipresent on and around any island. Our activities will take you out onto the Ocean, but also inland to discover hidden lakes, rivers and waterfalls.


The element Fire is reflected in the tropical cocktail of song, dance, arts and the various cultures which came together on this small island to create a steaming melting pot.


The element Air blows you away, into a realm of harmony and bliss, discovering the secrets of nature and touching the real meaning of the term “Island Paradise”.

The Rainbow Elements

We offer our visitors a wide range of activities to choose from, and help them those best suited for their perfect holiday, we have categorised them according to the Elements Earth, Culture, Ocean and Synergy.
The element Earth represents exciting nature adventures; hiking and conservation activities with organisations like Mauritius Wildlife.
The element Ocean takes you for a refreshing dip into the waters on and around the island; and protection of the Marine environment by collaborating with those who preserve it.
Culture captivates you with a celebration of song, dance and colour; creating the vibrating tapestry of which island history is woven; inviting you to be a tiny part of it.
Synergy offers free flowing inspiration, linking all elements into one; creating pure island holiday-magic, combining meditation with chants, yoga, dancing, holistic health and more.


Rainbow News

With The Rainbow IO you will discover all that makes Mauritius an Island Paradise.

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