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Mauritius does not only offer conventional accommodation, but also options that are out of the ordinary.... Our Unique Rainbow concept represents vacation properties that are perfect for travellers seeking a more authentic and immersive experience. Your accommodation choices range from cabins and eco-tents in the midst of nature to working farms and chalets in the mountains.
Our Unique Rainbow properties are suitable for independent travellers, couples, families, or small groups of friends. The opportunity to venture away from the well trodden tourist tracks to the heart of nature is not to be missed. The experience of taking an outdoor rainwater shower, having dinner by moonlight, or sleeping in the mountains or under a transparent eco-tent where you can hear the gentle sounds of wildlife and see the stars is sure to create special memories.
Living far from the regular tourist spots will allow you to experience the local culture and hidden treasures, like mountain villages where you can visit artists in their workshops, or go fishing for freshwater shrimps in a local stream. Your environment will afford you the opportunity to try some delicious island cuisine at a local restaurant and see up close how the islanders live their lives. Of course you can also visit the famous sights of the island either on our scheduled or customised excursions and take part in eco-activities like nature walks through the national park. Of course all Rainbow trips are offered within our sustainability pledge to respect and leave nature undisturbed.
Our Unique Rainbow accommodation offers you all the amenities you need in spectacular surroundings that offer peace and tranquility, allowing you to realise your dreams of a simpler, authentic lifestyle!

Nativ Lodge

Authentic living in nature

Otentic Eco Tent

Sustainable luxury camping

Bubble Lodge

Dream away under the stars

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