Rainbow Events

In order to add spice to your stay under the Rainbow, we decided to invite some people who are well known for something outstanding they do in life. These might be singers, dancers, artists, or actors – in any case well-known nationals as well as international celebrities who are advertised and promoted by our Rainbow agents and on the Rainbow website.

By participating in the trips, they will share the activities and – together with local celebrities – create real island fusion for you and them to enjoy: The Rainbow Events.

Being a part of many Rainbow trips, Rainbow Events can be booked independently by anyone who happens to be on the island. For the occasion, international champions perform live with local celebrities and artists to create multicultural sports, arts or music fusion-happenings that might even involve the public. As the island population too is invited to attend the Rainbow Events, this is your chance to enjoy an authentic multi-cultural experience and meet the locals.

The presence of celebrities from different cultures adds a special note to any Rainbow Holiday and makes for a true melting-pot experience. In the past, Rainbow Event participants have been dancing, singing and painting with stars. Going to and beyond their cultural and personal limits, they struck up great friendships, were rewarded by amazing shows and enjoyed an unforgettable holiday to top it off.

Rainbow News

With The Rainbow IO you will discover all that makes Mauritius an Island Paradise.
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