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The term “luxury island vacation” does not just mean a higher standard of service and opulent facilities and accommodation; it means you can travel to places of extraordinary beauty, completely let go of stress and fatigue, recharge your batteries and be pampered beyond your wildest imagination.
Enjoying a luxury vacation in comfort and style can still be done sustainably, with minimal impact on the environment, if you are mindful of your choices, and think responsibly so you make sure you are preserving nature and the culture while you have fun!
Of course Mauritius is well-known for its luxury five star hotels, but when we went about selecting our Over the Rainbow accommodation, we looked beyond the star rating and the facilities, and really examined their sustainability credentials, including: considering if they have recycling programmes in place; what type of products they provide in their spas and bathrooms; whether they offer locally sourced an/or organic food; and whether they employ local staff and provide a living wage and good working conditions.
Our Over the Rainbow properties are particularly suitable for couples and honeymooners, families, groups of friends, or even individual travellers who want to engage in some self-care at the highest level by indulging in a bit of luxury. Over the Rainbow accommodation means you can expect the highest quality facilities, and can enjoy mouthwatering cuisine at the best hotels, or from a private chef if you choose villa accommodation. And to truly feel relaxed and renewed you will want to make sure you indulge in some pampering spa treatments or a massage.
As much as you will enjoy relaxing in luxury, you won’t miss out on the sights either, and your Rainbow team offer excursions to not only to the famous landmarks but the hidden gems as well, and adventure seekers will also find a range of thrilling activities on offer. In keeping with the opulent theme of your holiday, you can choose to have a chauffeur driven car at your disposal, or a limousine to take you to visit the sites in style! Of course all Rainbow trips are offered within our sustainability pledge to respect and leave nature undisturbed.
Your Over the Rainbow accommodation will transport you to the lap of luxury, where you can relax with the peace of mind that you are caring for the environment and holidaying sustainably.

Sankhara Villas

Sankhara Villas

Luxury private beach villa


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