Rainbow: Element Synergy

SYNERGY is the Rainbow’s magic element and it is boundless.
Let’s take for instance the element of earth; the many things you can get out of that are beyond description. There are endemic plants to use as decoration, tisanes, and elixirs. Bringing about bliss with healing potions, relaxing treatments and heavenly perfume is pure Synergy.
Synergy is also the infinite spectrum of health practices like meditation, Ayurveda, Yoga or flower therapy, chanting, dancing and using organic health products such as essential oils or honey.
Synergy can make pretty souvenirs but also bring about joy and wellbeing - enjoyed as part of a spa treatment.
Synergy within the Rainbow is a bond of free flowing inspiration, linking all elements and creating pure island holiday-magic. We take our visitors to those places, where genuine items and services are provided with loving care and lots of respect for the environment.

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With The Rainbow IO you will discover all that makes Mauritius an Island Paradise.
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