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Since the first European visitors discovered the Indian Ocean ’s pristine and unique tropical island paradise; home to a rare fauna and flora, much time has gone by.  The forests made way for cities, hotels and golf courses. Development and a rising population forever altered the face of the islands.
In the past decade, various programmes have been set up to protect the endangered nature environment. Dedicated conservation groups work tirelessly to save endemic plant and animal species and are quite successful at it. We from the Rainbow closely collaborate with those organisations. To us, the protection of nature is not just a nice slogan, but rather represents a substantial part of our company policy.
Bearing this in mind, we cordially invite you to participate in our many exciting nature activities and discover how you can actually help save the island’s natural resources with something as simple as booking a vacation.

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With The Rainbow IO you will discover all that makes Mauritius an Island Paradise.
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