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Mother Earth is the perfect place for Eco-Adventure Trips adjustable to any level of physical condition and age. “Yeah, really?” you may think. Looking it up in the dictionary though, you will find the definition of adventure as: “an unusual or exciting experience or undertaking”!
This obviously means that adventures are for anyone wanting to break out of their daily routine and do something never done before. An adventure may thus be an easy hike through the National Forest while enjoying the sights and the wild fauna and flora; or a mountain bike trip along the scenic seashore with the sound of the waves in your ears and the wind in your hair; or a climb up the steep slopes of Lion Mountain with a great view awaiting you. Adventure can be used by companies as a tool for corporate training and outbuilding programs. And individuals, groups of friends, couples or families may want to enrich their beach vacation with a 2 days adventure combo trip.
One of our favourite adventure-activities is abseiling. This very exciting experience encompasses the descent of cliffs and waterfalls by using specific equipment. Abseiling tours are offered on various levels for various stages and just about all ages. They are conducted with high safety measures and the participants are requested to wear specific equipment throughout the trip.
An experienced instructor demonstrates the proper technique of descending and acts as primary safety anchor person at the bottom. You follow, well advised by the second instructor on the top. Some participants may even choose to jump down. It’s an exciting feeling and you may first have to take a few deep breaths before leaping down a waterfall. Once you get down there you may swim to a dry rock, and while enjoying the calm environment you wait for the group to reassemble. At the bottom of the falls, a refreshing drink and a nourishing meal will restore your energy for the hike out of the valley over enormous boulders and exotic rock formations.
Abseiling can be planned as a half day activity, a day trip and even an overnight experience. Described by some as a gigantic set of showers or a beautiful way to view the nature scenery, abseiling is a great bust to anyone’s self confidence and certainly a redefinition of the term “adventure”.

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